Gerry Sheridan

Maintenance Manager

Gerry Sheridan brings a wealth of real estate experience to our Property Management Team, having joined us in September 2023. As our Property Manager, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient upkeep of our properties.

Roles and Expertise:

With a strong background in maintenance roles in Real Estate, Gerry excels in managing our maintenance department. Her responsibilities include liaising with landlords, tenants, and contractors to deliver efficient and cost-effective maintenance solutions for our clients.

Key Strengths:

Gerry’s key strengths encompass a deep interest in real estate and property management, along with an unwavering commitment to excellence. His honesty and professionalism shine through in his work, making his a trusted member of our team.

Gerry’s dedication to property maintenance, fire safety and general health & safety along with his extensive real estate knowledge make him an invaluable asset to Doran Estates. For inquiries related to property care, reach out to Gerry at 0860591168.

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