When selling your property, there are few small things you can do to help you achieve the best price possible. Our agents here at Doran Estates have shared their five top tips to prepare your property for sale and help you put your best foot forward. You will be surprised what the extra effort can achieve.


In order to maximise space, it is important to remove all unwanted items. Where possible, storage rooms should be almost empty in order to show people the potential of the space available. Personal items should be tucked neatly away within cupboards. If your property is unoccupied, it might be advisable to keep larger items of furniture in place, such as beds and sofas, as it makes it easier for purchasers to comprehend the size of the rooms.  

Squeaky Clean

A squeaky-clean house can make a huge impact to the demand of your property it creates a terrific first impression. Items such as clean floors, bathrooms, countertops and gleaming windows can make a massive difference to how people view your property. Sometimes, a professional clean might be advised to present the property in a sparkling condition!

Freshen Up

You would be amazed of the difference a touch up of paint can make to a property. A fresh coat of paint can revive and brighten a tired space. If the floor covering is worn, fresh carpet or lino can also help people visualise comfort within the property. We always recommend sticking with a neutral colour as it gives a fresh and modern appearance which appeals to a wider audience.


Even small items of disrepair within a property can immediately turn a prospective purchaser at a viewing. Items such as broken door handles or loose sockets should be repaired to show potential purchasers that the property has been cared for. For all works that are carried out, please ensure to use a registered professional.

Setting the Scene

The property should be aired out in advance of viewings. During the summer, curtains and blinds should be opened in order to maximise the amount of natural light throughout the property.  For winter months, the heating should be put on an hour before viewings and all lightbulbs should be in working order. A scented candle or plug-in air freshener can really make a difference.

Ultimately, by following these tips, you are putting your best foot forward.