Bridget-Anne Doran, Director of Doran Estates, speaks with Tallaght Echo journalist Maurice Garvey on adapting business models to withstand the pandemic. 

‘’During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we were faced with many challenges. I am proud to say that as a team we took these obstacles within our stride and adapted accordingly to best serve our clients while keeping staff safe. Although, the pandemic presented challenges for us as a business we accepted the new obstacles and found ways to adapt our business model accordingly. The pandemic encouraged creativity in our approach for each service we offered. We altered our communication style ensuring that we were staying connected with clients on a daily basis even though we had to stay apart. We arranged virtual viewings to distill our message that our door is always open. Personally, I believe that the pandemic conveyed that we are extremely dynamic in our business approach and I’m very grateful for every client, supplier, and team member that worked with us during these trialing times. 

There are currently eight employees working for Doran Estates. I can say without a doubt that we would have not made it through this whirlwind of uncertainty without the dedication and passion that each team member has displayed. Each employee was committed to accomplishing their assigned tasks and going above and beyond for our clients even under these challenging circumstances with a can-do attitude during these unique times has been nothing short of inspiring. I’m incredibly proud and beyond thankful for the employees at Doran Estates. I’m delighted to see the team back in the office. The office has been fitted with perplex screens and staff have been provided with PPE to ensure their safety. Although it will be a different form of working style that we are used to we will go on, adapt, and grow. ’’

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