We have compiled a list of our team’s favourite tips and tricks for moving house. Have a read below to find some ideas to make it a calm and smooth moving process.

Plan in advance.

Advise utility companies that you are moving as early as possible. These may include gas, electricity, water, TV/Broadband and TV licence. Register with An Post to redirect your mail at least five days before you move. Remember to take a meter reading.

Decide on your options.

Decide in advance if you are hiring a moving company, hiring a van yourself or relying on help from friends. If you are hiring movers, it is advised to shop around and get a few quotes.  

Make an early start.

Start packing boxes as early as possible. The time required will depend on the size of your house and is contents. 2 – 3months in advance is always a good time scale to start. Identify what you will not need immediately. A few minutes a day can make a big difference in the long run.

Make checklists.

Identify what furniture needs to be dismantled, marked fragile and packed securely. Aim to complete different tasks each day, in the lead up to your moving day.

Colour code and number boxes.

Assign different colour codes to boxes with labels, coloured tape or markers. You may assign different colours for different rooms. Numbering the boxes may also help you keep track on your moving process. This will also help unpacking boxes at the new property and to realise if anything has been left behind.

Pack accordingly.

Ensure to pack now and organise at the new property. Save time unpacking with leaving your clothes on the hanger. Wrap clothes in suit bags or plastic bags. Wheeled suitcases are good for transporting heavy and delicate items

Take pictures.

Take pictures of the back of your TV and PC to remind you where certain wires go when setting up. Also taking pictures of certain box contents to remind you where to locate items quickly. A quick photo of the meter reading can be helpful to have on your phone.

To celebrate the fine weather, we have compiled a list of our team’s favourite tips and tricks for creating an outdoor living space in your garden. Have a read below to find some ideas to create your back garden oasis.

Choose the best area.

When deciding on an area to focus on in your garden, think about what you would like to use the space for – is it sunbathing, BBQs, reading or family dinners. This will help you identify the best space in your garden while considering the hours of sunlight, shade or space needed.

Create colour.

Deciding on your colour palette is very important as it can have effect on your overall mood. Calming colours (greens, blues, beige) will work perfectly for a relaxing space. Bright colours (orange, yellows, reds) may work to make a modern statement. Whites and creams can bounce light, making smaller areas appear larger.

Update your outdoor furniture.

Invest in durable outdoor furniture that will work for your needs. A corner sofa, sun loungers, hammocks, a pop up gazebo or a swing chair can really transform a space. For smaller areas you could have additional folding chairs in storage. Rattan garden furniture is long lasting and has a nice finish. Mature teak wood is also a popular durable option. Also remember to choose furniture that is UV resistant.

Bring the indoors outside.

Simple household additions can really uplift an outdoor area such as fairy lights, candles, rugs, cushions and plants. Solar lights can be a great sustainable solution to light up the garden in the evening. Transform dull walls with an artificial hedge, green ivy, or bamboo.

Make it your own secret garden.

Make the space your own. Escape from nosy neighbours in your own private space by adding a garden screen, fence, tall hedges, gazebo or a parasol.

Heat up the space.

Blankets on chairs always come in handy in the evenings. An outdoor heater or firepit will not only keep everyone warm but can also add a warm ambience.

Add that wow factor.

Make your garden unique with a wow factor. Find that final detail to give the garden your own personal touch. An outdoor movie projector, hot tub or a charming fountain can give your garden that personal finishing touch.

Mini Spring Clean

Dedicate one day to do a mini clean throughout the house. Empty wardrobes step by step. Clear out your cupboards and refrigerator. Clean your washing machine by putting on a full cycle with distilled white vinegar and baking soda.

Clean the Gutters

A leaf blower can help to clear your gutters. A mixture of white vinegar and water will help in removing grime and keep them white.

Turn Shabby into Chic

Give any worn furniture a lift with a shabby chic makeover. Sand old wooden furniture and add a few new coats of paint. Choose new doorknobs to give a fresh finish. Re-grout any old tiles that need a new lease of life. A tile grout finisher will give the perfect finish.

Add Some Greenery

Plants help purify a room and add a nice decor touch. Numerous studies have found that adding some greenery to a room can reduce anxiety and lift your mood. Choose some tropical plants to add a summer feel to your house. Popular tropical plants include Parlor Palm, Split Leaf and succulents. It is not recommended to place plants in bedrooms as they may create carbon dioxide at night.

Rearrange Furniture

In summer we tend to use the rooms in our house differently. Rearrange furniture with your summer lifestyle in mind. Opening patio doors, hanging lighter curtains and moving a mirror can brighten a room. Moving large furniture occasionally can also help save your flooring.

Rethink Lighting

Light in our homes changes from winter to summer. Maximise any natural light by angling furniture towards windows, choosing light colours and replace any dark lampshades.  Move your sofa and chairs away from windows in very hot temperatures. Cut back greenery in your garden to let in natural light.

Scents and Décor

Some of our landlords have replaced old wooden bedframes with bright white wooden frames. Replace old dark pictures and frames with bright, colouful designs. Finalise your home summer lift with some summer scents. Choose candles or diffusers to fill your room with an orange, lemon or tropical aroma and enjoy the summer feel in your own home.